People look so talkative and joyful; for fuck’s sake it is just 8 a.m. on a Tuesday. I run to my classroom, I am wearing my new heels (Yeah, I can really feel them), I say hi to my supervisor and immediately twist my left ankle. It hurts but I just smile and say I am fine. He, however, wants to make sure I am okay and asks me if I need him to call the high-school nurse.  After assuring him I am just fine I put my shoe my back on, collect my self-esteem from the shiny high-school floors and proudly walk away.

I enter the classroom and say good morning to everyone when, what I really mean is ‘If you don’t behave no one is going to have a good damn morning’. Right after I sit down Joanne comes towards my desk and asks me if she can like exit 10 minutes earlier ‘cause she is attending a young entrepreneurs workshop. I attentively look at her; she is a fourteen year-old, strawberry blond, big honey eyes, polo wearing girl. I immediately feel pity for her; she is so alive; I was like that too. Good times. I stare at the rest of her classmates for a second; they are all talking. Boys teasing girls, girls fixing their long silky hair. Yes, Joanne you can exit 10 minutes earlier, it is no problem. Just make sure they do not wash your brain. I skipped the last part of the sentence. She was a clever girl; she would eventually find out by herself.

The class was fun; we ended up sitting on the floor and playing a game that is supposed to improve your creativity. I keep thinking it is bullshit, but we really had fun. Fourteen-year-olds can be amazing in the way they handle their ever-changing mood, their way too long fringes, their very mean comments, their very close childhood memories; even if teaching is not my piece of cake I can still say understanding these kids is.

It was 1pm, lunch break time. The weather forecast said it would be raining all week, but it was just cloudy. I took my car and decided to have lunch up the hill; there were very nice views and the air was really pure. 1.15pm and I am already there with my little lunchbox staring at the dark sky. I remember it was chilly, raindrops started falling down my face right after I had my first rice salad bite. I did not mind. I closed my eyes and let the rain fall down my face when someone called my name: Jane.


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