Jesus, these shoes are killing me. What are you looking at? Never liked you. Yes you. Pretty two-faced girl. Idiot. Seriously, I’m going to trip on this stupid dress and fall miserably. If this happened I wouldn’t stand up. Or better yet, I would just bury myself underground like a carrot. Oh yeah. There’s my mom. Yep, she’s obviously telling me to do something; or rather telling me to change the way in which I do it. Ah yeah, she wants me to smile a bit as I walk. What! Do you also want me to wave at these people? My right eye feels funny, mmh I think I lost my very real eyelashes. When I was born they were already there, okay? Yes, I am not a good liar either.

– Dad?- He looks as excited as I am

– Dad?! – Man, he is getting old

– Dad!! – Oh, I almost fell …

– What is it honey?

– What if we just turned around and let everyone else enjoy the wedding?


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