This is a letter to someone I do not know.

Dear you,

I have recently got a letter from you. It was more than three pages long; all it said though, was how shitty everything was. You told me how much you hate spring, jolly people, lovers on valentine’s day (or on any day really) and how much you feel the need to smash colorful shiny cupcakes sitting on a delicate crystal tray. Well, sorry to tell you, but you might have a bit of a problem at this time of the year. You also asked me how to be happy. I have to say I laughed pretty hard with that one. Do you think I have a magic, absolute answer that will lead you to just become happy? Never mind my language… I will give you some advice. Ready?

There is no real advice, life just happens, everyday after you wake up. No, wait. A bit before you wake up, in the very moment you feel consciousness is coming back. That is the very moment when life happens; The moment before your day takes off, that is what contains the best advice with which I could ever provide you. If you feel hopeful, and there is a little spark that makes you want to start the day with the beginning of what will later become a smile, then you are all set. However, there are people who are not that lucky. Do not worry, I know a few. You are not the only one. Take a deep breath and just follow the instructions. I know nobody who has not found the little spark after following all of the instructions. Treat them carefully though, question them but do not undermine any of them; learn to respect them. It won’t be difficult, I promise (maybe sometimes, but you can always blame me):

Love. Be kind. But never pity those who deserve to be pitied; it will not give them any strength. Also, pity those you never would. You will realize how powerful you are the moment you pity someone you thought invincible.

Laugh. Laugh a lot. Try to laugh at anything that happens to you during the day. You will realize that you cannot win at everything; but you can laugh at how stupid you were for thinking so.

Create. Be passionate about what you love. Also, be passionate about what you think you dislike, or find boring. Learning to put some passion in everything you do will make it easier for others to get a bit closer to you. It will, perhaps, help you get closer to yourself.

Move. Move it! Seriously, just dance in your room, even if the neighbors complain. Just jump around, turn the volume up. Forget a bit about everything, remember how free you have always been, and how free you are right now.

Relax… enjoy being alone reading a good book, or just close your eyes and do nothing. Learn to appreciate the void, a few empty seconds full of time.


Well, I have nothing else to tell you. Just try to find that little spark the moment you wake up. That is where everything starts. And do you know what is the best part of it? You get the chance to practice every day.


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