Liam and Emily got to the hospital, they had not talked since they exited the café. Inside Emily’s head were a billion different thoughts fighting to get a grip of her attention. She, though, was too confused to pay attention to any of them.

– Hm… Liam. How have you been since then? I mean… you know, it’s been a very long time.

His lips parted for a second as if he was going to answer, but he didn’t say a word. Instead, he just stared at the ceiling as he closed his eyes. He seemed weary.

– I have been here and there… just minding my own…life. Everything interesting begun last year, when I was still living in my parents’ house. I used to live in the basement, where I had enough space to keep my stuff and do whatever I felt like. Even though it was the gloomiest area in the house I felt incredibly comfortable whenever I spent a few minutes in there. It was like nothing could ever go wrong. I felt safe. Last year, October 23rd, I went home after a terrible day at College; loads of work and no prospects of passing… I lay on my bed with my favourite book trying to focus on what I was reading, telling myself the week was almost over. And then, I just saw you. I saw you after a door opened into a blinding daylight; flying very close to the ground, eyes closed, arms close to your body. You looked anxious and brave at the same time. You flew towards the edge of the roof, and I felt helpless; even if I knew I could not fly, I had to follow you, to somehow take care of you.- While Liam was busy telling her ‘his’ story, Emily had been biting her lower lip until it bled. She tried to counteract the effect of his unsettling words by hurting herself. Clever decision- She thought, as she took a handkerchief from her bag and carefully tapped her lower lip with it. Liam did not stop looking at her for a second, his gaze travelled from her face, to her hands, to her hair, to her feet, and again; to her face.

Emily could feel his eyes on every part of her body, even in her thoughts. She inhaled deeply and tried to put some words together in her mouth, some that would make some sense. It just seemed like the most difficult task she’d ever had to do.

– I, I, know what you mean. You…- her voice seemed to fade for a second- I have been having this dream for some time now… it never stops. When I think it is gone it just comes back. It is always the same, all the little details… it is so intense, I could even tell you how it smells. Old dust, wood floors, memories. And you, you are just telling me that you see me. You see me from where?

– Miss Cooper?


– Emily Cooper? The Doctor is waiting for you.

The nurse looked around an empty room, there was nobody left in it except from what looked like an old notebook. The young woman observed it from a shorter distance. It was quite a big notebook with red velvet covers. She took it carefully and read the first page:

I think I must be awake… although I do not know how I got here. I am flying so close to the ground, I can feel its smell. But today is different; there is someone right here with me.


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