This is a letter to a very good friend of mine.

Dear you,

Please, take control of your life; as far as we know, we are just given one chance. Do what you know is good for you. Sports, meditation, reading, writing, reading a bit more, eating, and preferably cooking what you eat. Remain kind, and in control of your actions and your most negative, self-destructing thoughts.

Avoid what you know is bad for you. Comparing yourself to others and being anxious about it. Quit unhealthy habits (at least the ones that make you unhappy). And stop. Stop worrying too much about every fucking thing, stop being too scared about everything new, stop being self-destructive, stop being too exigent with yourself. Do not lie to anyone, specially do not lie to yourself.

Appreciate love, selfless goodness and others’ kindness to you. Life, good food, nature, the rainy days, colors in fresh fruit, kids’ laughter, jokes, creativity, chocolate (though remember about being healthy!), tea with a drop of milk, learning foreign languages, animals, wearing new clothes, your family, specially thank your parents and grandparents, your true friends and all of their little, tiny, unique traits. Appreciate listening to old music, appreciate the new tunes too. Do not stop learning, breathing, having fun, and also a good night sleep. Paint your lips in shiny dark red, buy a new pen and start writing on an old notebook. Travel to places you thought didn’t even exist.



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