The waitress left, and so did Emily’s hope that the whole thing was just a kinky joke… She just knew, she could feel deep inside her that this boy was not a liar. He seemed a mysterious guy, but that was just the impression he wanted to give. He was honest and good and caring. She was completely, absolutely sure about it. Maybe.

– So, Emily, are you listening to me?

She had been staring at him the whole time, it seemed that he was talking, at least his lips were moving , her senses though, had been blocked by her trying to figure out what the whole thing was about.

– Yeah, sure, sorry. I mean, this is very strange. Not just how you know me and all that but also how I sort of know that you are not lying. – Emily coughed a couple of times. Nervous coughing. She took a sip of her cappuccino, crossed her legs and continued talking, trying to make some sense of the situation she found herself into-.

– Liam, -Emily cleared her throat, and tried to look into his eyes in an attempt to seem threatening, she went on -How have you been watching me all this time? When did all this begin? Who are you? -The girl was breathing faster than usual, her voice had raised unexpectedly, her hands were trembling. She left her mug on the little light blue glass table, she noticed the table was not oddly shaped as she first thought, this glass table was shaped like a tree seen from below-.

-Look, Emily, I did not mean to scare you. I need you to calm down.- He placed his hand on hers. It was warm, and more soothing that she would have ever expected-.

-Emily, all this time I have been kind of… thinking about you. Trying to figure out a way to tell you. -She started feeling her hand was getting colder and colder. Or maybe it was just his that was getting warmer and warmer. She was extremely dazzled. The room seemed to be spinning around. She touched her forehead; it was full of little sweat beads.

The girl opened her eyes, felt the cold ground on her back. He was looking at her from so close she could see herself into his eyes. Liam and Emily were sat on the café’s floor. The waitress had brought a little box full of plasters and a glass bottle with what seemed alcohol. Liam grabbed it and started touching her forehead. It hurt a lot. She had a metallic taste in her mouth. Couldn’t remember how she ended up like this.

– Emily, you just had an anxiety attack. You hit your head on the glass table. I will take you to the closest hospital. You are safe with me, do not worry.- Said Liam putting a plaster on her wound. He thanked the waitress, stood up and, without hesitating for a second, he lifted the girl form the floor and exited the caffé.

– I’d better tell you who I am though. I am Liam White. We were classmates when we were 6; we used to eat sweets during the morning breaks. I told you I would leave town because of my parents’ job. Well, I have been having this very same dream in which…

– Oh no…-said the girl, as she remembered something she thought was forgotten-.


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