Whose voice was it? She turned around painfully slowly, curiosity was killing her. It was her first year in College, she did not know anyone yet. Nonetheless, that deep voice was sort of familiar. Emily finally looked at the man that a second ago had disrupted her thoughts.

Wet black shoes, dark worn-out jeans, grey hoodie with some odd print. His damp hair framed the contour of his angular face. Strong jaw, appealing mouth. He remained still as she was observing him. Emily finally looked into his eyes, they were dark blue and there was something in them that made the young girl step back. She was speechless.

-You must love going to class Emily. Personally, I think it is not that interesting- without hesitating for a second, the guy stepped forward. She could smell tobacco and something sweeter which reminded her of the sweets she bought when she was a kid. Odd combination, she thought.

Her voice decided to come back from some sort of momentary limbo. Unconsciously, she touched her fringe; everything was in the right place.

– Hello, I do not know you, do I? She blushed a little, as usual. -I mean, you look sort of familiar but I would not know where I have seen you before. And… sorry, but I definitely do not know your name.

The guy looked at her and raised an eyebrow; he coughed and looked at her for a few seconds.

– Do you like coffee? It is pouring out here.

Emily was astonished, but saying no was definitely not her strength. On the other hand, she really wanted to know who that guy was, and she felt that if she refused she’d probably never satisfy her curiosity.

– Uhm… sure, I’d love a cup of coffee.

As they were walking towards the coffee shop she noticed that the guy never looked behind to check whether she was still there. He looked extremely self-assured, perhaps too much. Emily walked quickly, her hands in her green coat’s  pockets. She just had a question in her mind; well actually she had hundreds of questions as regards this unexpected encounter. However, they all reduced to a single question which unstoppably echoed in her confused head; How can he know who I am?

She raised her head and saw that he was holding the door for her; -At least he seems kind, she thought. The place was new to her; reddish lights, velvet sofas and most oddly-shaped coffee tables. Yet, the music was not new to her. Not at all. She had listened to that song endlessly since her father bought her first Radiohead’s CD, Creep was her favourite. This was one of the few songs that could calm her down whenever she thought she was going to run away and never come back.

– I’m Liam White, apologies for not having introduced myself before. That was sort of rude.

He looked extremely cool, as if he was so used to this kind of situations. Straightaway, he called the waiter and asked for an expresso. Liam turned towards her, smiled, and said –What would you like Emily?-. However warming his smile was, his eyes remained cold, unfathomable, as if he was wearing a mask and just his eyes were his own. –I’d love a cappuccino, please. The waitress looked at her, it seemed to Emily that she was going to say something, but she left.

-Well, Liam, is it? Uhm, it seems that you know me… don’t you? Emily noticed that the boy was not looking at her. Still, as his eyes scrutinized the dirty floor, he answered.

– Yes, I do. –Liam stopped and started rubbing his hands slowly; he bit his lower lip and gazed at her for some minutes. Emily thought he was making up some kinky story to scare her. His face was extremely serious, his jaw tense. In the end, he spoke again.

– Yes Emily, I have spent the last months watching you. Though this is the first time I really see you. – He pressed his lips as if he did not want to let some secret out.

-What do you mean? Emily uttered with trembling hands.

After the girl’s question had been uttered, the waitress brought the two steaming drinks,

-Enjoy guys, it’s freezing outside.


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