7:55 a.m. I don’t know why I set up the damn alarm clock; I always get up before it rings. My bones ache as hell… and what is this headache? Terrific, let’s go to College-. Emily grabbed her bag and a plastic cup with some old coffee, and exited her place. Well, this wasn’t exactly ‘her place’; it was an old creaky students’ complex. The doorkeeper smiled at her as he did every single day. He was one of those people who, no matter what they say or do, one would never rely on. There was something funny about the way he looked at her, or perhaps it was just her imagination.

It was rainy that October 23rd , rainy and dark. She put on her hood and started walking at a slow pace, she did not mind getting wet, she did not mind being late. She looked at herself in a car’s window, hundreds of raindrops were running down the misted glass. Emily noticed that someone was gazing at her. Suddenly, she turned around but there was no one. Literally, there was nobody in the street, N O fucking B O D Y. It was the first time in her life she walked that street without seeing a living being. One of the biggest cities in the world and there was nobody at 8:20 on a Tuesday morning. Okay, – she thought-perhaps people decided that today they would stay at home… such a crappy day. Emily kept on walking until she got to her faculty’s main door. It was locked. She looked up, and all she could see was a tiny sign which said ‘College will remain closed today.’ That’s it, nothing else? –Emily asked out loud- Closed…they could’ve let us know at least… -the young girl got an answer.

What else could you expect, Emily? – A breathy voice whispered behind her-.


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