She was flying extremely close to the dark wooden floor, she could almost smell it; dusty old oak. The walls were so close to her arms that she could feel them grazing her skin, as if the weary soul that inhabited that mansion was waiting for the touch of her ivory limbs. Painfully slowly, she continued flying until she got to the foot of a staircase covered in a smooth green velvet carpet. After a brief stop she went upstairs, gliding like a half-human eagle. A dark door opened behind her closed eyes; intuition guided her.  Blinding, nuclear white light and suddenly, she flies faster than before, her arms wide open, the clean white light guides her to the edge. She does not think, there is no time to stop. A superhuman energy runs through her body, she is all electricity… she jumps to the void.

During the day, Emily was a cheerful current girl who went to College from Monday to Friday. On the weekends, she liked strolling around with her friends, perhaps reading a book she randomly picked up from her personal favourites. However normal and quite her life was, this dream did not stop from intruding in her sleep. For months, Emily spent her nights in an empty, spooky mansion. What if that same dream, night after night, was trying to say something to her?


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